Beginners Guide: Top WordPress Themes that give you that Professional Look and Feel

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As a beginner searching for a good WordPress theme, it’s always a challenge to choose the right one for your site.  There are literally thousands of free WP themes and they all look great, until you install them!

I like free, and I like easy.  I’ve chosen these themes based on these criteria, plus they give a professional look and work really well:  you won’t go changing them in a hurry.

1. Pagelinestop_free_wordpress_themes_starter_MFU

Described as a Responsive Drag-and-Drop platfrom, I’ve been using Pagelines free WordPress theme since late 2013, and I currently have it installed on 3 different sites with 3 different layouts.  It’s got a lot of options, a lot of flexibility in the layout, and gives a nice clean feel to your site.


Customer header image for your own logo design.  Easy full-width sliders for creating that pro look.  Buttons for creating mobile-friendly navigation around your site.  3 different menu colors.


Drag-and-drop and the layout of the different page templates can seem confusing, as well as finding your way around the many options.


2. Graphenewordpress_top_free_themes_beginners

The free Graphene theme is packed full of options than any newbie is going to love.  If you want things easy, this is the theme for you.  With a click of a button you can turn just about anything on or off, change colors on almost everything, and make your site unique.


I really like the slider options.  You can change the border colors, the speed and the type of slide transition: fade, vertical or horizontal.  You can choose left or right side widgets, and add a custom header.  Very good all round theme.


OK, this is a biggy, I know.   At the moment, it’s not Responsive, meaning if you are using a mobile device its not going to fit on the screen well.  There is a paid mobile version, worth looking at.


3. SeaSun3_top_wordpress_themes_free_seasun

When I was looking for a magazine-style theme that was visually stunning, I ended up with SeaSun.  So if you are using a lot of images, for instance with a cooking website, you’ll find this really does the job well.

SeaSun is described as a multi-purpose theme that has enough flexibility to create that unique feel, and does not look anything like your average WordPress website.


I love the simple menu layout, really clean and fresh looking.  Just add a nice header image and it all comes together.   The Home Page will display featured image and latest posts in a staggered grid, giving a great-looking site. It displays in a column on mobile devices.


Well, I haven’t found any yet.  Could this be the best ever theme for WP?

Check out my latest website with this theme:


Many More WordPress Themes out there

So to wrap things up, this guide is obviously not definitive, and new themes are coming out all the time.  The important thing is to find one you are comfortable with and is going to meet your needs long term.

If you are a real beginner, I would recommend setting up a free account with Siterubix, where you can have 3 free fully-customizable WordPress websites and experiment with these or any number of free themes available.  Plus you get some great training, especially if you are thinking of using your sites for affiliate marketing.