The more I get into Blogging, the more I realize that it’s having an impact on my life at a number of levels, so here’s 3 reasons to start a blog.

Blogging is a Journey

Blogging is a Journey

Number 1: New is Good

Starting a Blog is simple.  If you go with WordPress you can be up and running in no time and beginning your blogging journey.  And journeys are good.  We’re all on one, whether we think about it that way or not.  We are always moving forward, learning new things, experiencing new…experiences, discovering stuff.

When you set your sites on Blogging, you are setting some wheels in motion, and that can have a serious knock-on affect on the rest of your life.  For the better, trust me!

Yes, we live busy lives, and yes, blogging is going to be another thing asking for your time, but this can be a really positive outlet for all those thoughts and ideas buzzing around in your head.  If you’re one of those people who are constantly thinking about things and working through ideas, blogging provides a blank canvas for you to work with.

And with something new, comes all kinds of opportunities.  Don’t be surprised if, once you start down a new path, all kinds of ideas, inspiration and open-doors start coming your way.  You’ve made the first move, start to live life with an expectancy, not just a hope, that things are getting better.



Number 2: Find Your Voice.

There are millions of voices out there in the big wide world, all calling us in different directions.  Some good, some bad, some just plain strange.  Blogging is a process, and as you develop your skills, learn new things and move forward, you will at the same time find your “blogging voice”.

The question is, what does it sound like?  And then you will probably have that annoying voice telling you “You don’t have anything worth saying, anyhow!”

But I want to encourage you, and tell you that if you’re living on this old ball of rock we call Earth, you have a story, you have something worth saying, and you have a voice.  You just need to find it, and start developing it.

I’ll give you a clue, people want the real deal.  They don’t want the same old regurgitated blah-blah that you find people writing, hoping to attract some visitors and get some clicks.

You need to express an opinion!  Don’t be wishy-washy.  I need to know were you stand, and what’s going on in your life.  Give me honesty, give me nitty-gritty.  Give me a reason to come back, even if I don’t like some of the things you say.

Oh yeah, that’s right.  Some people might not like what you have to say.  For some, that’s a good reason NOT to blog.  For others, they will do it anyway.  I have to remember that one of the main reasons I blog is to get something out that’s in me.  If I’m going to worry how that comes across to others, I’m going to end up a mess.

Gary Barkalow, in his book “It’s Your Call” puts it something like this:  You have to be who you are made to be, and let others deal with it.


 Number 3: Develop Yourself

I mentioned it briefly before, but just want to push it home.  When I started blogging back about 5 years ago, I had no clue.  But I wanted to learn, and I wanted to get good at it.

I started off with a blog about the voice-over work I was doing for a kids TV show, and although I’m still doing that work, the blog tailed off.  But not before it got me looking at WordPress websites more seriously.  It was the start of something that was going to change the direction of my life in a major way.

I was talking to my wife just the other day about blogging, and these words seemed to come out of my mouth even before I thought about them:

The thing that’s so great about blogging, is that it’s a personal development tool.

Wow, that’s right!  That’s what it is, it allows us to become more than we were.  It gives us a foundation to build something on, and it keeps calling us to improve, expand, learn and grow.

So over to you…are you thinking of starting a Blog, or are you some way down the blogging journey?  I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below.