mac-459196_1280We show you how easy it is to start a low-cost Home Business with our Affiliate Marketing How To quick-start guide.

It’s a numbers game, and with any business it’s so important to understand the numbers.  Affiliate Marketing is huge business, and growing all the time.  It’s hard to find figures but a quick look on Google will show you that 5 and 6 figure incomes Per Month are fairly commonplace these days.

The trick is multiple income streams in multiple niche markets, all working together to bring in small revenues by promoting other people’s products and earing commissions as an affiliate.

And arguably the best way to get into Affiliate Marketing is through creating niche websites, or minisites, using WordPress.

Don’t know anything about websites, or WordPress?  No problem, don’t let it stop you.  At WebPressive, we love WordPress, it’s the backbone of our business.  And believe me, setting up an online business has never been easier.  If you’re a newbie, WordPress really does take a lot of the hard work away. If you can use a word-precessor like MS Word, you can learn to create professional website with WordPress.

And we’ve gone a step further by creating website templates that load into a fresh WordPress setup and instantly give you a head-start by generating a pre-loaded sample minisite that you can easily change to meet your needs.  I’ll cover this again later, but basically, it’s simple!

So let’s try to break things down and show you how to create an Affiliate Marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing How To – The Niche

The Niche is your chosen marketplace.  This is usually defined by (1) your interests, and (2) the profitability of the niche.  A perfect niche is going to be in an area of expertise or interest that you just love to talk about.  And people are already spending money in.

A good way of finding a Niche is to go to and see what takes your interest.  Maybe it’s the latest gadgets, or 3D Printers, or Dog Training, or French Wine.  The possibilities really are endless, and so long as you don’t get bored with your subject, you are always going to have potential buyers.

Marketplace research is critical to finding a great niche, and keyword research plays a huge part in that.  Keyword research is a way of discovering what people are searching for online.  Imagine being in the Dog Training niche, and being able to find out how many times each month people search for “Dog Training Guides”.  Armed with those figures, you can then develop your business around those needs.  Well, the great news is that these research tools exist, and you can try one for free right here:


Great, we are making progress. The most successful affiliate marketers aim to be the go-to people in their chosen niches.  But everyone starts out the same, so having the long-term goal of being an authority is great, but lets keep it simple to begin with.

Affiliate Marketing How To – Get a Name

Now it’s time to look at buying a piece of Internet Real-estate.  You are going to find yourself a Domain Name that reflects, to a certain extent, your chosen niche.  Buying a Domain Name is a simple process and need not cost any more than $10 per year, but it could be worth hundreds or thousands down the road.

Go to, or, and you’ll be able to explore the possibilities.  Be creative, and be unique.  Have a look at the name of this website.  “” says a little about what we do, and is very unique and memorable.  If you’ve done some keyword research using the tool above, try formulating a name based on some of your search results.

Long domain names are not a problem, and Google is intelligent enough to pick out the keywords in a long website name.  So don’t be afraid of the “” type of domain.  Just be sure it is a good reflection of your business and something you are able to build a brand around as things progress.

Tip: Get some friends to give an honest opinion before you buy anything.

Affiliate Marketing How To – The Website

As I mentioned above, we love WordPress.  Yes, you can have Facebook Fan Pages, and Twitter and Pinterest too, but at the center of your business you need a Professional Website that is flexible enough to grow as your business grows.

WordPress gives you a platform to build on.  You can incorporate blogs, product reviews, ads and whole ecommerce stores. And we’ll show you that having multiple income streams through multiple, small, WordPress websites is a simple process that needs NO SPECIAL SKILLS.

When you’ve decided on your Domain Name for your website (see above), your provider ( for instance) will offer you WordPress hosting services for your site.  If you know nothing about hosting (and no-one does to begin with) then you are best buying the hosting service they offer, and they will usually set up everything for you for a small monthly fee.

This is the best way to get started on WordPress, because you don’t need to know the ins and outs of how it works, you just need your site up and running fast!

You’ll be given a login id for your WordPress install, and with this you can access the admin console.  From there it’s simple to start creating your website, or better still, upload one of our templates to get going fast.

Affiliate Marketing How To – Where the Money is

You can promote any kind of products or services through your website, almost anything you can think of will be available to you, you just have to find a suitable affiliate program.  Without a doubt Amazon offers the biggest affiliate program, and although commissions are small, the scope of products more than makes up for it.

Signing up as an Amazon affiliate is free, and once you’re registered you can promote any of their products on your site.  You can also make use of their ad widgets and shopping plugins that add functionality to your website.  They want you to sell, so their latest tools also add in recommended products to the web page or blog post, based on the content.  All really clever stuff.

If Amazon doesn’t offer what you want, or you’re looking for larger commissions, try marketplaces such as Clickbank, which offer products and services in a wide variety of niches.  Find a product, grab your unique link, and add it into your site.  Simple.

Of course the more products you have to offer, the more potential income.  And the next step will be to create a second website, and a third.  It gets easier and quicker with experience.

Affiliate Marketing How To – Traffic

Traffic is the life blood of affiliate marketing.  Traffic is visitors, traffic is people, traffic is buyers.

Your website alone won’t attract visitors unless you do something.  Gone are the days when you can simply rely on Google directing people to your site, you have to take a more active approach.

Blogging is a great place to start.  If you love your niche, you will have no end of material to write about, and if you can blog twice a week and share your posts on Social Media in the right circles, then you’ll get visitors.  This is where Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest start to play their part.  And the great thing is that you can automate a lot of the work: write your blog post on WordPress and can automatically post it to FB and Twitter for you.  Nice!

As you site grows, and you learn to write interesting and relevant content to support the products you offer, Google will list your site in searches.  And if you have chosen your niche well and done your research, people will come.

But if you want to hit the ground running, you will probably want to look at some kind of paid advertising.  Facebook is a great place to start, and may be the only kind of ads you’ll ever need to do.  For pennies, thanks to FB’s unique setup, you can get targeted traffic to your site, and targeted traffic means buyers!

Traffic is such a huge topic we could write about it all day.  Instead we would recommend this course for anyone wanting to make a living on the web: Rapid Traffic Guide

Affiliate Marketing How To – Get a Head Start

We’ve sung the praises of WordPress as the foundation of your online business, and we’ve told you how you can benefit from our website templates.  The best thing is, we’re giving away our templates right now for FREE.

Check out the blurb here and find a template to suit your needs.



Craig Pennell

Founder, WebPressive