The Personal Development Journey – Laying the Foundations for Your Personal Growth and Development for the Long Term

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It may seem a bit obvious, but your journey of Personal Development must start with the realisation that something needs to change.  Once you reach that point, you will need to begin to put some kind of Personal Development Plan in place.  I call it a Platform.

I’ve researched a number of Personal Development Plan examples.  The big problem is that so much of it is based on opinion, and personal experience.  But you have to start somewhere, right?  My approach is simply a tool that you can work with and adapt to your needs and circumstances, because I don’t know you.  But, having said that, I do want you to succeed.

Personal Development, then, is a journey.  Either an intentional one, or an accidental one.  I decided that I was going to be intentional about my personal growth and development, as much as I could.  I was going to take the reigns, and start putting some purpose and direction into it.

Why? Because I had an idea of where I wanted to go, and that’s vital.  Some people call it goals, others call it dreams.  I simply knew what I wanted.  Not clearly, but again, I had to start somewhere.  And at the same time, I knew what I didn’t want: another 10 years the same as the last.

What is Personal Growth?

The way I look at it, I need to grow.  In many different aspects of my life.

I need to learn new skills and hone old ones.  I need to try things I’ve never done before, like Kite-Surfing, or working with drug-addicts.  I need to deal with anger issues, with selfishness, and my strange ideas about how the world may owe me something.

Personal Growth is about becoming more of the person you were always meant to be.  Before life got tough, you were let down, and had to try to figure things out all by yourself.  Personal Growth is about deciding that YOU have a part to play in this big old World, and you want to play it well.

Philosophy of Life – Personal Development

As you begin your Personal Growth Journey, you’ll find a whole bunch of people on that very same journey that become companions. Some for just a brief encounter, a smile, a nod, an encouraging word.  Others are with you for a longer period, and can really sow good seed into your life.  And you can do the same, by the way.  I hope you’re getting some good seed today.

Jim Rohn, at one time recognised as one of the leading motivational speakers of his time, is one of those sowers.  He may have passed away but he’s still able to walk beside me on my journey of Personal Development, and sow valuable seeds.

His belief is that our successes or failures in life can largely be determined by our Philosophy on Life.  I’ll give you some examples of what I mean.

Have you ever thought that things should just get better on their own?  Better wages, better house, better car…that kind of thing.  Or that some people are just lucky in getting where they want to go?

Do you ever find yourself making excuses about your success, or lack of?  Or blaming outside circumstances, the Government, the weather, your family or your childhood?

If you decide to look deeper, you may find that you have certain ideas about how the world works, and you live your life by them.

I found I had to change a lot of my thinking before I could really move forward.  I had to start thinking optimistically, I had to start being committed to improving myself, and I had to start thinking long-term. This last one is maybe one of the most important, because we’re all so used to getting what we want NOW!

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A Long-Term Vision for Your Personal Growth

Looking long term is really going to start laying some solid foundations. We are building a platform for your Personal Development.

It’s not enough to have some 5 year goals for things you want.  House, Car, Income, etc.  Those are all good, but what I’m suggesting is painting a picture in your mind of the kind of life you want to be living in 10 years time.

Where you are living, who you are spending time with, your level of influence in your world, what are you sowing into, where are you making a difference, how is the world better because you’ve found your place in it?

Huge, huge questions, I know.  And it will take time to develop that kind of long term vision.  And it will continue to develop. But you will hear me say this a lot…“you have to start somewhere!”

Build Your Personal Development Platform

I didn’t always realise the need for a platform for my Personal Development.  It took me a long time to come to the conclusion that I needed a framework, a structure, a way of measuring my progress and keeping track.

This is really what this blog article is all about.  I’m currently working on the first stages of a training program that will guide people through building their own Personal Development Plan. So if you think your Personal Growth needs some kind of structure to it, maybe we can help each other out.

If you’re interested in moving forward, you can be one of the first to go through my training material as I develop the program.  You’ll get free access to it, and all I want in return is your honest feedback.

It’s an opportunity I hope you’ll take up.  Help me build a Personal Development Plan and develop yourself at the same time.

I would love to hear about your journey, even if you’re just starting out. Or maybe you’ve only just realised that you’ve been on the journey for a while.  Please leave a comment, and let’s help each-other.




Craig Pennell

Craig Pennell

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“If you don’t have a personal development plan in place, you are in danger of getting lost”