What you Need to Know about Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR Private Lable Rights packageIf you are looking into PLR then you need to understand the different Rights that come with products, and what you can and can’t do.

PLR is a great way of obtaining products to sell or offer as bonuses, but beware. Depending on your niche, PLR products can quickly become outdated and make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

A good example of this is the Make Money Online Niche. There are thousands of examples of PLR products to do with Web Design, Internet Marketing and Email Marketing, and most of them are recycled ebooks that can date back to 2006.

You do not want to be buying that kind of material and thinking you can use it.

It’s also important to remember that many so-called PLR products are NOT full Rights products at all, so you need to check the licensing carefully before you buy.

What are Private label Resale Rights?

The most common Rights sold with PLR products is Resale Rights.

Resales Rights are quite easy to grasp, but on the scale of things they are way down the list.

You can sell the product, and the buyer gets full Personal Use Rights to it, meaning that they cannot sell it or give it away. Basically they can use the information within the product.

Honestly, are you really after Resale rights to a product you have no control over? You will be buying a product that you can sell, period.

OK, how about Master Resell Rights?

Good thinking. Master Resell Rights is a step in the right direction, but you will probably pay more for the product.

MRR allows you to sell the product, AND give the resell rights to the buyer, meaning they now have a product that they too can sell.

This is something worth having. It’s of great worth to you, the seller, because people want products. And good value to the customer because they can get their money back multiple times by selling it on.

So what are full Private Label Rights?

If you can buy a product with FULL, unrestricted PLR, then you really have something to work with, because this is when you can rebrand, rewrite and resell as your own.

It all depends on your Niche, as I said before, but if you are in the Make Money Online niche as I am, there are some very good quality packages available, such as Biz in a Box which gives you a complete eBook product, sales copy, mini-website and graphics all in one for less than $10.

With full PLR rights to something like this you can have a money-making website set up in hours.

So just to lay things out in an easy to understand way, here are PLR rights explained:

  • PLR Private Label Rights – Normally means that you have full, unrestricted rights to rebrand, relabel and rework the product to make it your own.  You can usually sell it and the reseller rights, as well as offer it as a bonus or add it to a paid membership site.
  • MRR Master Resale Rights – One step down the ladder, usually NO rebranding allowed, and no give-away rights, but you can resell the product AND resell the Resale Rights.  Still very useful.
  • NRR Normal (or basic) Resell Rights – NO rebranding, and you are only allowed to sell the product itself, not any rights associated with it.
  • PUO Personal Use Only – At the bottom of the heap, you are buying the product for your own personal use and cannot sell it or give it away.

Just another word of warning, CHECK the rights before you buy.  There are many websites selling so-called PLR products that are not what they seem.   The same goes for outdated products, which are of no use to anyone.

Only buy from reputable sources.  And if you can, buy the Full PLR rights.

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