Press Release: WebPressive launches new training courses on to introduce newbies to WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular website builder and blogging tool out there, but a lot of people are put off by the idea of learning something new.

Now Craig at WordPress has put together a new training course based on templates to make things even easier.  He calls it the Template Method.

The idea is to take away the weeks and weeks of having to learn the basics of WordPress, and instead start with a ready-made website template that can be modified to create something new.

You can find the course here at skillshare...

In his early days with WordPress, Craig struggled to make progress, like so many people.  Part of the reason for that was starting with a blog.  Although it’s a great way to start blogging, the free service can be very restrictive.  Craig aims to introduce beginners to the full, self-hosted version of WordPress right from the beginning.

The full version of WordPress is the most successful website Content Management System out there, powering for millions of websites, and is largely responsible for levelling the field for individuals and small businesses wanting to get their products and services out to the world.

Craig explains his approach like this:

“I’ve seen a lot of people spend months trying to put a website together from scratch, getting no results, and giving up.  Wouldn’t it be better to start with something already set up, and simply show people how to adapt and modify it to suit their ideas?”

The next stage in Craig’s training courses is to build an e-commerce template.  The idea is to get people thinking about starting affiliate marketing business from home in a weekend.

More details about WebPressive courses.