Time to find a new rhythm and a new tune for your life…


I know, another “You can be who you want to be” blog post.  Well, we all need a little encouragement every now and again, but we also need someone to ask a few hard questions.

Like with me.  After a successful career in Information Technology, plus having my own business, I needed to ask some serious questions about myself.  Because I knew I wasn’t singing to my own tune.

And, being a musician among other things, there’s no better feeling than playing your own tune: the buzz, the flow, the rightness.

So why couldn’t I apply that to the wider aspect of my life, my career, my calling?

Say hello to Duty

I love the movie “The Incredibles”.  It’s one of those kids films that has a lot of deep and meaningful stuff just under the surface.

Mr. Incredible was a superhero, until the Government bowed to the public’s wishes and forced all superheros to quit.  So Bob has to take on a regular, boring job and keep his identity secret so that he could  live a ‘normal’ life.  He had a duty, after all, to take care of his family.

But Bob still had memories of the old days, and when a chance came to get his super-suit out of the closet, he took it.  But it was only when his wife and kids were in danger that he truly remembered who he was: He was much more than just Bob, he was Mr. Incredible.

Duty is the killer of dreams, I’ve discovered.  Both Mr & Mrs Incredible had settled for the mediocre, and needed something big to shake them out of it.  By the end of the movie, the whole family is living to a different rhythm, because they have allowed themselves to be who they really were inside.

The Forty Year Itch

Getting older is something we don’t have a lot of control over.  When I turned 40, I thought I was doing OK because as a family we had just uprooted ourselves from gray England and moved to the east coast of Spain, where it’s sunny 300 days of the year.

I was fairly happy, I thought I had kind of made it.  But only a couple of years down the road, we were struggling.  And looking back, one of the main reasons for our struggles was to do with trying to do things the same old way.

It took some major earthquakes to move me in the right direction, and fortunately my wife and kids came with me.  It would be a lonely road without them.

A lot of prayer and tears, and I arrived at a place were I was reminded that I had left many a dream on the shelf, and instead of living a life like a tall tree, I was living the life of a small shrub.

Paths of Changes

That time became a turning point for me.  I had to discover who I was, what I was meant to be and what I had to let go of.  I began to walk down a whole new road, one I’d never been on before, that was going to take me away from all I felt comfortable with.

I decided that I was going to enjoy it. I began to see it as a quest, an adventure.  Around that time I wrote a song called “Paths of Changes”, because that was exactly were I was.

Breaking the chains

Wow, it’s not easy changing direction.  If you really want to turn your life around, it can be like steering a big ocean liner.  You can turn the wheel but nothings going to happen fast.

And somehow your life seems to want to keep on going in the same old direction.  I found that I was being pulled by duty, fear, lack of knowledge and self-doubt, to name but a few “chains” that seemed to be firmly attached to parts of my mind.

Yet at the same time, I was encouraged by books I read, blogs I came across and kind words from my wife.  Plus the odd line of scripture.  Just enough to keep me moving, keep me hoping.

When is a dream not a dream?

Now hoping is good, but dreaming is better.  But even better than dreaming, is taking those dreams and turning them into something powerful: a goal.

If you don’t have goals, you aren’t going to reach them, and your dreams are always going to be without substance.

As soon as you take pen to paper and start to articulate your dreams and put a shape to them, things begin to happen that we don’t understand.  Something in our mind perhaps, or our being, starts to say ‘yes!’.

I’m not a big fan of positive thinking, but I am all for goal setting.  There is a lot we don’t understand in this world, and goal setting is one of them.  I had a goal to work from home, not just a dream.  And over the next 3 years it became a reality.

Some would say it became a reality the moment I made it a goal.  I just had to get there.  Whatever it was, I knew I has started to play my own tune.

I want to recommend a short video by one of my favorite speakers and authors, Jim Rohn:

Importance of Goal Setting