Recently I’ve been developing a new range of e-course tutorials aimed at introducing newbies to WordPress the easy way – with templates

wordpress tutorials - blogging basics ecourse

I’ve been working with WordPress for such a long time now it’s easy to forget what it was like when I first started to learn it.  I had no experience of building websites, no programming skills, and I wasn’t really sure on the best way to go.  I just knew that I wanted to learn how to build good websites, and I wanted to learn fast.

For me it was a big challenge, because it was the start of a change in direction in my career.  I’d been too long doing the same old thing, not learning anything new and not being challenged to grow.  But I had come to the point where I had to look to my future and make something happen.

The WordPress Blog

My first encounter with WordPress (WP) was through the blogging platform at, and although I’m grateful for what I learned building my first blog, I quickly discovered that there was much, much more to WP.

If you want to really discover the full power of the worlds most popular website builder, you have to go all in and get a self-hosted WP website.  Self-hosted means paying a monthly fee to a Hosting Service Provider, installing the full version of WP, and of course buying a Domain Name for your site.

Now, although none of this is expensive (WordPress is a free system), a lot of people are put off by having to pay out for things they aren’t sure of just yet.  I completely understand that.  I took a chance, went and bought a $10 Domain Name, found some cheap hosting, and not knowing what I was doing, went and set up my first ‘real’ WordPress site.

WordPress the Best Way

But if you are in the position of just wanting to try things out, then my new FREE introductory WordPress tutorial is for you.

I discovered a couple of Hosting Service Providers that will let you have a FREE hosted WordPress website with all the full functionality you need to learn this amazing system, PLUS they give you a FREE sub-domain name for your site.

A sub-domain uses the main domain name of the service provider ( and adds your website name on the front, like this –

Now, I wouldn’t recommend having a sub-domain website long term.  If you want your website out there in front of people, a sub-domain is not the way to go.  But it’s great to learn with, and you can make all the mistakes you want without anyone coming across your website (unless you want them to).

So the beginners WordPress tutorials I put together use these free hosting services as a foundation, as a learning tool.  When your confident with your sills, you’re ready to go buy a Domain Name and find some premium hosting.  And you’ve always got your free website to experiment with and learn new tricks.

WordPress with Templates

So where do the templates come in? Good question.

Once you’ve got your WordPress website installed and running on your hosting service, you are able to download hundreds of free “templates” called themes.  Great, but…I’ve seen so many people get so involved in trying to find the perfect theme for their site, after weeks or months they’ve got nowhere.

I decided I could do something about that.  I developed some templates that can be installed onto WordPress that give you an instant, professional website that can then be adapted and modified to suit.

These are available with the advanced courses.

Start Here

This foundational course is available for FREE with, just follow the link through and you’ll get free access.

I’ve also put a more advanced course together which is available through, and if you use this link you can get the whole course for 50% off the full price.

You can always contact me here or check out my new website for more info.