I’m making it even easier for complete beginners to learn how to build Professional, Modern websites with WordPress

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Recently I launched my first full course through the Udemy platform, entitled “Fast WordPress: Easy-Build Websites for Hobby or Home Biz”, and it’s doing well.

But, almost as an afterthought, I realised I should have created a free mini-course so that people can get a taste for things before they buy.

So now the mini-course is up and running.  It’s a cut down version of the full course with a few extras, but the great thing is that you still get access to the resources and downloads here at WebPressive.com, and you can use the templates to create your own website in a matter of hours.

The underlying reason for creating these courses is based on my 5 years experience of seeing so many people try and fail to build websites that work.  Learning WordPress through using templates literally takes away months of hard work, and puts you in a position where you can go to work almost straight away.

You want to build a successful website, you don’t want to have to figure out how to do it from scratch.

There’s over 900 people signed up for the new course already, why not join them?

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